Beyond CRM Basics

Forward by Sarah Franklin - Developer Relations & GM Trailhead, Salesforce

Deepa Patel, Salesforce MVP and founder of the Salesforce Certification Study Group, introduces the power to help CRM admins take their career to the next level. Her book helps bridge the gap between knowing the technology and applying it to a company’s business processes. 

After working with the members of the Salesforce Certification Study Group for over four years, Deepa Patel realized there is a need to help CRM admins at all different levels to understand how data flows through an entire organization.

While class members may be proficient in the technical aspects of CRM, they struggle with the practical application of the technology to real world business scenarios. They needed guidance to understand the basics of the customer acquisition life cycle, from marketing and sales to support. 

As CRM technologies have evolved, so has the need for CRM admins who understand how to apply business analysis methodology to their day-to-day work. This is the number one skill requested by prospective employers. 

In Beyond CRM Basics Deepa Patel explains the complementary roles of CRM admin and business analyst. She guides CRM admins through an understanding of the enhanced skills set that is necessary to advance into a business analyst role.  She concludes by sharing success stories from members of the community and offers additional resources that will help CRM admins take their career to the next level.



Michael Orr

Salesforce Senior Director - Lightning Experience

Ms. Patel's book is a thorough and practical primer on a range of topics that took some of us years to learn through training and expensive trial and error. If you are considering this career path, or have been asked to take on a CRM project and are finding yourself lost, this book is for you.

Pattie Vargas

Speaker, Coach and Facilitator - The Vargas Group

Beyond CRM Basics is an important book that should be in every CRM Professional's library. So much of what is necessary to accurately capture requirements and turn those requirements into good functionality can't be "taught". It must be "caught". Deepa has accurately captured that intangible talent that will separate the admin who knows the "how" from the admin that knows the "why".

Julie Abrams

Founder and CEO - How Women Lead

When my career began, I was an accidental CRM admin just because I wasn't afraid of technology. 25 years later, I have hired 15 CRM admins. I wish I'd had this book to frame the job description and to give people the right training. This is the missing framework - the training that everyone needs to succeed in this role.


Jeff Scott

CEO - Platform Architect Software Anywhere

Beyond CRM Basics provides invaluable insight into the role of a CRM Admin and the need for knowledge that extends far beyond the technology. With the ever-increasing demand for well-rounded admins, Deepa's experience and perspective shed light on the critical skills required to create success.